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Violent Life 9: Edge of the Night

I feel like one of those burritos you get off a roller at the Stuffer Shack. You know the ones. They’re late night and a cut above warm, the filling is unidentifiable and it just WANTS to get out of it’s casing. It literally demands it, and it will. It’ll spew out at the first bite and splay all over your favorite shirt in the most unforgivable way. 

Now let me give you a look into why I feel like that.

Last night started with me pulling up the cloth hood on my long coat, my synth guitar in its case strapped over my shoulder as I walked the streets of Puyallup.I love that coat, by the way. It’s worn, patched and studded. Had it for years. I feel like I can disappear in it. Great for when I just want to blend and don’t feel like gliding along under invisibility. 

I’ve played most of the venues in the Emerald City. Might come as a surprise that I ain’t ever had a go at Underworld 93 yet. Especially since it was always my favorite house to hear an act knock out a show in. Imagine the look on my face when Gatsby told me Annette Harris wanted to meet with me before the Underworld doors opened that night. Here’s a hint: The cig I’d been absently pushing back nearly fell from my lips before I grinned, sprung up and bumped a victory dance. I’d like to think it was a sexy one but I know better.

Before I knew it I was in Annette’s office, surrounded by her and her people and I was doing what I do best. Guitar in hand I gave them a taste of what I was made of, bare bones. Don’t know why but I decided to play a cover instead of my own work. Settled quick on my own version of ‘Take it to Mister’ and it went over like a starburst. An hour later it was all smiles and sweetness, deal closed and I was heading out into the city with Harris’ people minus Annette herself.

Ever been to ‘The Cutting Edge’? Me either. Well, it’s TMI sharin’ time, chums. I’ve never been arrow straight but in a pinch I prefer the company of a muscular male body against mine before the curves of a woman. It’s a primal thing down deep in my bones. Last night though? Under the dip of a few designer drugs and some hard shots my body didn’t give a frag what parts you had. It just wanted. It just craved.

Arriving it was drinks and catcalls and there was no fraggin’ way I was going to be upstaged by these act buzzards. Body shots off performers and girls dancing our table… I could nearly feel the Nuyen moving through the air around me and into the talents virtual tip tally. I don’t even know when it happened but SOMEONE bought me a solo dance and I was being pulled away into the back room despite half-hearted appeals for rescue.

So there I am in a private room going into the fourth straight lap dance with this gorgeous half Japanese girl; my shirt down around my waist and skin to skin with a stripper who I knew was taking advantage of me. She didn’t know who I was and to tell you the honest 5x5, I barely remembered who I was by that point either. Lips on hers, hands sliding over skin that was way too soft I was feelin’ everything that I recognize I don’t feel much anymore. She just wanted my Nuyen and to juice me for more dances and all I wanted was to feel. To feel anything at all.

Then it hit me like a Ares Citymaster. I was pulling up my shirt and slamming through the back door of the club, pitching out the stand ramen I’d taken in on my way to Underworld 93. Too much substance mixing will do that to you. Send your night crashing down around you before it got as hot as it could have. I piled into a cab and got back to my condo in a daze. Here I’ve lain since, that proverbial burst burrito.

All part of the business, running the edge of the night.

TO DO LIST FOR TODAY: Remember to pick up my axe from Underworld today before Annette puts it in a case.

Until next time; Rage the Riot, Chummers.


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Vendetta Violent - Wiki Informational

Vendetta Violent is a Seattle rock star up and comer who has undergone a spectacular roller-coaster ride to recent success. Fronting the Synthcore act known as Riot Blue and most recently her own solo work under the name Mana Burns, Vendetta Violent is on the verge of touching the sun. Her talents include vocals, guitar (both synth and acoustic) and though not known for it, classic piano.

In 2072 Riot Blue was formed as an enterprising act assembled by famed agent Gatsby. Gatsby discovered Vendetta and quickly matched her with some other free agents he had been representing to form the band which quickly outgrew the small clubs it began to headline in. Shortly after the band recorded it’s first (and self titled) album with notable singles being ‘Inside’, ‘Contempt’ and ‘Blind-Fly’. The album was a striking hit and the passion of Vendetta Violents unrestrained voice was heralded as a “A gasp of air to a troubled music scene desperately trying to find itself.”

It wasn’t long before the band gained enough momentum to be chosen as an opening band for legendary rock icon Taylor Hardline at Seattles Psychedelic Pirate. This was not to be as on the eve of the performance before either band would take stage Taylor Hardline was brutally murdered back stage, tarnishing the name of Riot Blue to be synonymous with the event and ruining their first break. In the wake of this tragedy, Riot Blue was forced back into the underground music scene and embraced their reputation as a ‘Shadowband’. Vendetta Violent herself did much to further this image by starting a ‘shadowblog’ called Violent Life.

After extensive work on the underground circuit the band would eventually, by some stroke of luck be heard and promptly signed by the great dragon Rhonabwy in 2074. Rhonabwy would go on to say “Their music speaks to the soul.  It conjures feelings of rebellion, rage, and the willful foolishness of youth. The vocals are what have truly captured my interest. I have not heard such unbridled emotion in a voice in a very long time.” The greater catch was that the dragon had insisted that the band include his Silver Songbird on each of the eleven tracks released.

Riot Blue would be flown to Wales to record their second studio album, Silver Sanity’ and regain the momentum that they’d lost since the Hardline incident. Their first single and biggest hit from the album would be titled ‘Surface’. Shockingly Riot Blue chose NOT to tour to promote Silver Sanity which just as shockingly only perpetuated the mystique of the album. Between Gatsby’s promotion ability and the involvement of Rhonabwy the album gained massive traction on the top music charts for months to pass.

Following the release of Silver Sanity, Vendetta Violent began to tour solo under the name ‘Mana Burns’. There has yet to be an official album under this name though many diverse tracks finding a mix of an updated Chrome Rock style of music with flavors of her more trademark synthcore Riot Blue sound have flooded the Matrix. An album is expected soon following her recent tour of the AGS.


Riot Blue (Self Titled), 2072

Silver Sanity, 2074


Vendetta Violent - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Blue Eyes - Keyboards, Synth, Back-Up Vocals

Lilith Moon - Drums

Violent Life 8: Reflecting, Gig at Penumbra

As a disclaimer, this is why I don’t write my blog when I’m junked up on psyche.

That said, I love a good gig. I wouldn’t be in this business if I didn’t. There’s something about being up on stage; all eyes on you. They’re hanging on your voice between our world and some…. some more euphoric place. We share it, together. I’m not talking about astral space or head-space. What I’m talking about is the moment. Our moment. Our connection… and I feel it too.

That’s how Club Penumbra slid by last night. Up on the stage and playing our souls out in that most sacred hall. We lit it up and tore the roof right off that fragger. The lights, the digitally rendered constellations that flowed past us… I was in love with every one of you. So much eye contact, you stared into my soul and I screamed back. You made me feel.

I heard sirens in the deep of the night after the show. Knights Errant floats through our streets like a habit Seattle can’t kick. I remember when it was Lone Star. Not a lot of difference, still so glitched up. They didn’t really do much to protect you. Protection was something we didn’t ever know on the street. All they did was make you want to fall further into the cracks. Deeper.

Had a dream. I was sixteen again. Wasn’t so sweet but it was my birthday. At least I’m pretty sure it was. I remember it because I nearly sold myself. Just didn’t care anymore, you know? I was too young and too desperate and he was… just really lonely I think. If giving it up was going to get me off the street for a little while then it was a good price to pay. I was waiting on the couch and fidgeting uncontrollably, suddenly aware of every inch of my body… swore I could even feel each strand of my teal dyed pixie cut and every place where clothes touched skin. Everything was so alive. I felt my body flush and my stomach clench. I was awakened. Not that glamorous I know, awakening on an old patched up couch just before you’d planned on making the biggest little mistake in your teenage life… but it was definitely punk.

That’s when I met Keening for the first time. I’d learn that Keening would be my go between. My conduit to the Dragonslayer. The spirit looked like me but more like the me that I never had been, if that makes any sense. She was ethereal, powerful and so very primal. Then she screamed; Fraggin’ wailed at me and I know only I could hear her. She wanted me to wake up; to get the hell up. To fight it. Being desperate didn’t mean you just gave up. It just meant you had to fight a little harder.

So I raided his fridge and crawled out the window before he came back from the Stuffer Shack. I think of that guy sometimes. Wonder if he ever found a body he didn’t have to buy. Wonder if he’s still lonely.

It was raining that night… rain is so pretty bouncing off the old market sign in Touristville. The drops hit those neon tubes and shimmer in the air. I wanted to be naked and free under the sky and the glow. Wasn’t what happened though. Truth be told I just crossed my arms closer to my chest and the stolen junk food and stumbled into the dark. In my mind though… In my mind, chum… I was free.

That’s a trip. All that thought on the edge of a good gig. That’s what you do to me. That’s how intimate it was. You deserve to know all of this after that show. We’re lovers now, afterall. Thank you for dancing through the stars with me tonight. Penumbra was better for it.

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Violent Life 7: Lethality

It’s been a little while. Been keeping busy. I feel like a stray bullet, chummer. Like nitro fueled mercury I’m all over the place but at the speed of light. Where you might ask? Well if you’re reading this you’ve probably been following my step so it’s rhetorical. Germany was a hell of a trip, much cred to all my old and new fans in the AGS.

Figure it was time to not only slow down but to stop. So I’m writing this with a coffin nail dangling between my fingers… and it’s just smoking itself out. Can’t bring myself to raise it to my lips again and I don’t fraggin’ care. My mind keeps going back to a favor I did back in Hanover.

I was flipping through the virtual underground a lot when I was on tour. Got a request from a runner to put some flowers on a grave. Didn’t do much prying but from the age of the stone I’d say the plot had to belong to family. Whoever this person was they’d been in the ground for awhile. Its better not knowing though sometimes, you know? Figured it was the right thing to do and it wasn’t too far out of the way. That and I can’t help but get the impression the request came with a side of regret so the first brake I had from the tour I took a nightride out to Hanover to do this thing.

I remember the neighborhood surrounding the graveyard. It was the kind of place that was probably nice once. It was probably country. Borders grow though, small town becomes a reservoir for low rent urban drainage… graveyards become gangland.

Managed to dodge under view somehow, nobody even knew I was there until I was dropping flora on a grave that someone’s dad was buried in. I’m going to admit that I had a moment. Wondered where my old man was, if he was in a hole somewhere or… you know. Maybe he wasn’t. Maybe he’d heard of me, heard my stuff. Who knows, right? Wonder if he even knew the things that he’d given up when he walked out on his little girl and her brother. This dad though… This was some painful drek for someone out there in the shadows. For this runner who’d asked me to do a favor for pocket change so that a favor wasn’t a favor anymore and nobody owed anyone anything. I envied it a little bit. Envied caring enough to ask a stranger to put flowers on a grave half way around the world because you hadn’t stopped by in awhile. A… really long while.

Gangers will be gangers though and sure as tits they saw me when I stood up. Tried to walk it away, hoping they’d have at least enough sense to let me walk and crossing fingers that they weren’t the thrill loving ultra violence type. Stockholm was running a search on them when they started catcalling me. Flipped ‘em off and the hollering and threats started. Then they threatened the grave.

Magic hits harder then a hammer. It’s appearance is a certainty that the world around us is not as under control as we’d like it to be. They pulled guns on one another and didn’t know why. They all told each other that if they didn’t leave that grave be they’d get ventilated. Would have been enough for me… I wasn’t there to hurt anyone. They made me.

I don’t cry over drek-headed gangers who camp graveyards. Can’t help but think though… maybe somebody else might be.

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Violent Life 6: The lights are back on!

I’m alive and I feel it. More now then maybe ever on the wings of a private jet heading back on a beeline for Seattle. Rough one, folks. There were some close calls and for a moment I didn’t think I’d make it out of there. For a moment I almost could have given up. If there’s a god, kids, then remind me to thank him for giving me that stubborn streak. And magic. Definitely magic.

Strap yourself in for my most all over the place blog EVER.

Not a lot to post about until I hit home soil. Can’t talk about the job though I know you understand. That’s shadow business. I assure you that we didn’t make any friends this week though. I tell you what though, when I get back home this is my list of things to do. 

Step 1: Peel these cloths off and burn ‘em. 
Step 2: I’m going to spend the next three years of my life in the shower scrubbing off every inch of drek that feels like it’s become a second skin. 
Step 3: Get some hands on me. I’m talking about the kind that you pay to work out every inch of aching, rebelling muscle. This girl needs some pampering that only vast sums of money can buy you. Also need some Sushi.

Then I’m going to get my hoop into the studio and pound out a track or two. Maybe punch out an instrumental dub even. What do you think of some old turn of the century drum and bass? Bringing it back OLD school. 

So how has Seattle been? Lit the city up yet, chum? I want to get on the matrix when I get back and see some anarchy in relation to that contest I put out last week. Hope you painted the city with our name. This is an expiring offer that ends pretty much whenever we say it does. Lets see if you bleed Riot Blue!

God it’s good to be back. I’d fraggin’ kill to do some shopping right now. I look like a Janitor who’s crawled through hells trenches. Need to spend some hard earned nuyen. That and shoot a video… for the new track. I’ve got just the idea of who I want in it, too. Time to make some calls to an old friend.

We did it, Randy.

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Violent Life 5: Dead-drop

If you’re reading this right now then know that it’s an automated posting and I’m up to my chin in some of the deepest drek I’ve ever been in. I hope to talk to you all again very soon. In the meantime I want to talk about a few things. I want to talk to you straight on the level, edge of the proverbial razor about what my music means to me and why I run the shadows.

Have you ever thought to yourself that there is something wrong. I mean we all know that the world is fragged and that our lives are directed for us if we’re lucky enough to have someone actually care about our lives while the rest of us are left to rot and scrape. Omae, that’s enough to rage in and of itself, I can slot that. No, what I’m talking about is deeper then the sixth world. Who controls the controllers? Why? Why do we long for order? Why do we king the kings? Give them power?

I’m up on my magical theory. Signs about where things are going. We ‘know’ that there are bigger things out there, forces that are beyond our comprehension and way above us. We’re so.. fragile. Ever wonder why we’re afraid of snakes? You can overcome it by willing yourself not to be afraid of them but on a primal level we’re ALL afraid of them. It’s in us, some forgotten dark that embedded itself inside humanity in a previous world and hasn’t let go. I believe this is the reason why we desire to be controlled on a universal level. We want to be protected and ‘ready’ to deal with a power that we know is out there and that we cannot deal with. But just like that snake thing… the men we king are afraid of it as well and no better suited to deal with that fear then we are. In the meanwhile we lose that will to even decide if we’re going to be afraid of that snake or not. We’re just waiting for someone to deal with it for us. Trick is that they’re not ever going to deal with it for us. They’re just going to fight their own wars.

Feel it. Stop for a minute in this busy world and feel it. You’re probably numb but I need you to breathe. There is an invisible plan at work and you need to be aware of it and YOU need to do something about it. Be your own king in whatever way you can. For me? I raised my voice to it. I screamed. I woke up in a god damned gutter, I remember it was raining… Pouring, actually. My kid brother was sleeping, covered only by a blanket with more holes in it then our system. I was really skinny, I hadn’t ate a thing in days. The night before I’d been selling what was left of some drugs that I’d stolen for some food and I was beaten up and nearly raped. On my way back to our squat I just… watched people. The happy and the miserable. Living in this world and just existing. I looked up and I cried, not being able to find words for what I’d been feeling. We weren’t useful to whoever thought they had it more figured out then we did, thought they were less afraid of snakes then I was. I Went to bed that night and woke up in the morning and just… just screamed. Screamed until my voice broke and my brother was huddled against a dumpster after not being able to get me to stop.

I haven’t stopped. I’ll never stop. Burn it all down, people. Save yourselves.

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Violent Life 4: Opportunity, Return & Doubt

The shadows have a way of changing you, I’ll tell you that from the inside. You had these ideas on how you’d use them but in the end you’re a whore. You pimp yourself and slot into someones agenda. You get used. After enough of it you become professional and cold, a tool for a task. As I get better at this, as I learn how to get these jobs done effectively I look forward and I see myself in ten years (that is if I’m still alive). I wonder if the pro shadowrunner will remember the girl who was on stage, singing her glitched up soul out for consumption. I wonder if I’d recognize myself in the mirror.

Yesterday that changed. Everything… changed. Spun me on my heels and rocked me to my foundations (not that they weren’t quaked to begin with). I think I can thank all of you for it. Those who stuck with us in the underground. Who loved our dub and bled Riot Blue. We’ve been picked up and signed, back out of the underground and into the spotlight again. This time because we want to rather then feeling that we ‘have’ to make it. Opportunity is our bitch, now.

So should I blow the whistle on it? Tell you whats going on? At this point I doubt many know the deal but I’ll be fragged if I ask for ‘permission’ to speak my mind. Rhonabwy and his label is going on. We’re going to Wales to record the new Riot Blue album. Want to know whats better? Decided just now that I’m hosting a competition to select one fan to come with us. You’ll fly with us to Wales and live like a rockstar for a week before we ship your hoop back to the UCAS. Think you got what it takes, chum? We’re looking for some good old school viral promotion. Promote Riot Blue and our new album ‘Silver Sanity’ in Downtown Seattle in a way that wows us and submit it to this blog and you’ll be on a plane.

This brings me to one last entry and it’s a personal one. Rhonabwy. Did some looking into him. He’s a patron of the arts, probably one of the biggest in the sixth world. We couldn’t be more fortunate then to work with the dragon as our producer for the new album. But… Look. When he woke up, he killed alot of people. Count comes in at around 150. He was confused, woken suddenly out of hibernation… had no idea really the repercussions of his actions. A beast of another world unleashed into ours. Do you think that it’d be hypocritical if you… for example took another similar situation and put it up next to Rhonabwy and excused one while condemning the other… on nothing more then gut instinct. This kind of morality is confusing when you dig to the bottom of it and its’ been rolling around in my head ever since we took this contract. Is it time that’s forgiven Rhonabwy or his deeds from that day on? What if nobody had ever given him a chance to change? Would Riot Blue be making music with him? Why am I cool to bury this past without a second thought?

Frag it. Thoughts for another day. Rockstar wins over Philosopher. Time to numb it.

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Violent Life 3: Jander ‘n Slot

This is a disclaimer to anyone who thinks craving a bit of normalcy in your life makes you less of a diamond back, you might want to stop reading and check yourself. You’re only a burn out walkin’ his flesh around before he sizzles up. 

So I’m going to say it… the other day I wondered what things would be like if life had landed on the right foot for me. I’m talking the whole package. The wholesome trid life. Where I can be a housewife and smile, wait for a husband or wife to get home. Get dinner on the table with REAL scented candles, laugh at jokes about their day that aren’t funny and frag their brains out infront of a fireplace.

So get this. I come home and try to teach myself how to cook. Did it too. I don’t have nobody but the band and my kid brother so I cook for him. I sit across from him and have a normal dinner all the while thinking that the shoe is gonna drop at any minute. I just…wait for something to get fragged up and for the drek to hit the fan. And… it didn’t. We had a dinner and it was good… really nice, you know? I finished up and I washed the dishes in hot water and thought about how far I am away from the tenement in Pullayup. Then I think about how what just happened would probably never happen again. About how I just ain’t built for normal. I’m built to scream and rage.

But it was nice.

I guess there’s a point to it though. I’m sitting here writing this in the worlds worst safehouse (nestled in the armpit of Redmond) waiting for my team to finish licking their wounds. It gets real lonely in the shadows. Some of us don’t think about it, some of us do our best not to. I ain’t even been here for long. Sure I’ve lived in the shadows pretty much my entire life but I’ve only just started running them. We’re the flame that burns out bright and fast. Jander and slot, chums. We’re all game face and not much more then that. We’re feral cats and mangy hounds. Go ahead and put us in a nice warm home and we’re just going to shift uncomfortably until we can’t help but shred the drapery.

All these thoughts are why I need to not be on Psyche when I have nothin’ to do but watch the roaches climb the walls.

One last bit. For those who saw us at Club Penumbra the other day. If you thought we were going to blow the top off that place and were disappointed make sure you stop by and thank the clubs misinformed DJ. I’m not going to stand there and be called a killer by nobody. Taylor was going to give us a shot at the big time and though the shadows had other plans I’ll always be eternally grateful. I know you guys get it and I damn well hope you shared the sentiment. If you were there and want me to personally make it up to you, leave a private message with the only words I spoke into that microphone before letting the thing crash to the ground that night. 

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Violent Life 2: Riot Blue, Solo Project and The Shadows

I’m going to make this short and sweet. Hit you hard then slot and run. First thing I want to say is thank you. Whether you’re a new fan or an old one… the fact that you’re here and reading my drek means the world to me. I’m going to keep it up too.

The new album is nearly done. We’ve been working hard on it and have some studio time coming up real soon that should finish things up. I’m not going to get into it but believe you me, chum. We need it… and badly. We need something that isn’t about gunshots and bandages so lets get some PVC and some stomp back into this violent life, yeah? 

I’ve been thinking about music more though, lately. I’m not leaving Riot Blue and after this album comes out I promise we’re going to support it while getting to work right away on something new. I’m going to share something with you all though. I… went through something recently. Something very personal and it’s changed my perspective on a few things. The only way I know how to say what I have to say is through music but the things I have to say aren’t Riot Blues language. Keep your ears to the ground, kids. Going to call it ‘Mana Burns’.

Word to the wise if you’d allow me a moment for a PSA. The shadows are getting darker right now. So damned midnight pitch that you can’t even see your own hands in front of your face. If you think that the Apollo space station was an accident think again. A lot of people died for no good reason and I’m not going to be the one who blows the top off it but it WILL fraggin’ come out. I know you’re reading this… and I know you don’t understand fear. But I hope you will before the end… and there is always an end. For all of us.

In response to my last blog! Thanks for the advise on tattoo parlors in LA. Turns out things got a bit hectic over there towards the end of our trip. Drek… that’s an understatement but it’s sensitive enough that even I ain’t going to say much more on it. Fortunately or unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I inherited some… interesting tattoos. Mana burns, boys and girls. Mana burns hot.

Also. Pandora. We need to get some drinks… and maybe one of those illegal sandwiches. I’ll come back to LA for a weekend for that. Your people will never know. Just tell them a wizard did it.

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Violent Life 1: Culture Clash, Nightlife and Living Nova Hot

Hollywood is infectious, probably in more ways then one. Looking forward to getting back to the Seattle shadows. Until then, I’ve decided that in keeping with the LA spirit of airing out all your dirty laundry to the public eye I’m going to kick out this shadow-blog and see if it sticks.

So who am I? I’m Vendetta. I’m the almost-was rock-star that heads up vocals for Riot Blue. If your ears are to the ground, you’ve heard our stuff. If they ain’t, you’ve heard our name on the news in relation to the late Taylor Hardline. If your heads up your hoop you might even think that we did it. I’m not here to get into it. I’ve never had to justify myself to anybody before and I’ll be damned if I start now. 

LA is different, you know? I remember the feeling when Riot Blue started really gaining momentum. We walked into our first real studio session and Tusk was finishing up. I looked at the walls and there were platinum records hanging on them. Hardline, Concrete Dreams and Mercurial. But it was what was behind the records. The faux weathered brick wall and fake graffiti. The suits were trying hard not to look like suits and the whole place felt like fraggin’ uncanny valley. If it weren’t for my blinding desire to ‘make it’ I’d of walked right out of there at that point. But I didn’t. We sold ourselves that day, if only just a bit. That’s the biz though, you do what you’ve got to do. We’re all whores anyway. That’s just perspective for you… LA is like that studio. The whole place is like that fraggin’ studio. Clean and fake.

Ear to the ground, folks. Person: 2.1. Watch yourself and burn your coms if this thing gets in. They got you hooked on this thing and now that you think you need it they’re going to nurse maid you. This thing tells you what to do and who to frag. I couldn’t be more out. You want that smoke? You want a sniff of your favorite designer drug? You like something not on Horizons corporate agenda? Sorry, chum but you don’t like any of that anymore. You can’t even SEE any of that anymore if you’ve got cybereyes. 

So now on to Nightlife. Got into the End of the World club in LA on business. Fancy place, ultra exclusive. Those who follow the whose who on the trid know that the club is the nesting ground for celebrities. If you’re aiming to misbehave and you’ve got some stars under your name this is the place that you do it. Glitched thing is that the place is reeled so tight that nobody there seems to remember how to live or how to have a good time. Maybe I rubbed shoulders a little roughly but it was all in good fun and truth be told I had a good time enough there. Food was real wiz. Also, drek happens when you party naked, Blue Eyes. All of you can fill in the dead space on that one, needless to say our fame is going to need to outweigh our behavior if we ever hope to get back in that club.

Working on new material. Hoping that once we get back to Seattle we can put out our first full record out on the sly. That’s right, we’re releasing our dub on the underground ONLY. Riot Blue won’t ever be on the corporate slitch-list again.

Personal Note: Went back to blonde. At first it was me trying to change things up because we have mercs on heel who are looking to plug us for our ‘involvement’ in the Hardline situation. Growing into it. It’s my natural color anyway, nearly forgot how it looks. Went the extra mile here in LA and got it dreaded. I’m thinking next comes a designer tattoo or two. Any advise on where a girl can get some good ink in LA? Leave your comments below.

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